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Some practical information:

Basic carbonate of copper. Hardness: 3.5-4/10
Origin: Australia, Chile, Congo, U.S.A, Israel and Zaïre.

Malachite is a carbonate of hydrated copper, shaded shades of lively green of which to dark green come under forms of concentric coats, bands or else effects of clouds. In deposits, they meet it often linked with the blue stone.
His name comes from Greek " malachos " which means mallow, in reference to the green colour of the curative plant so named.

For his Purification, leave it some seconds under cold water or use some frankincense, and recharge her in the sun or on a mass of quartz, but especially no salt.

It is suitable for the signs of the scales, the Capricorn and the scorpion.
Planet: Mercury

That it brings us:

Important stone of protection, absorbs negative energies and pollutants of the atmosphere and the body and protects expulsions. Let go inhibition and encourage the expression of feelings. Attenuate bashfulness and support friendship
It is the stone of intelligence, transformation; it makes easier realizations and brings calmness

Legends and superstitions:

Malachite was very appreciated in ancient Egypt, for the ready-to-wear clothes of jewellery and of religious objects, for the decorating.
The Egyptians used it pulverized to make up the eyes and in form of paste, for visual disturbances. The faith healers put down these stones on chacras to harmonize them, to balance them. His porosity is one of the factors of absorption of negative energies, she acts in true mineral sponge, which it is necessary to clean often.
On the other hand, the head-dress of pharaohs dressed in malachite favoured visions, wisdom and persuasion.

Phoenicians, Arabs and Greeks appreciated particularly talismaniques virtues of this green gem which allowed to conquer obstacles, protected trials, disentangled delicate emotional business and moved away the poor eye and clever mind.
Apaches fixed one to their gun to augment the precision of their shooting.

It was renowned as stone of protection against the lightning, and to prevent nocturnal dread, to protect the pregnancy of the pregnant women, to assure good sequence, it is in Swiss and whatever villages of Savoy they manufacture a crucifix of malachite for their to carry happiness.

It is one of the stones dedicated to saint François of Bedding. To such an extent that a persistent legend wants the malachite controled or carried in jewel, to allow to understand the different languages of the animals.

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