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Les Mines de Gaia -Jewelry and minerals


Some practical information:

Carbonate of hydrated calcium. Hardness: 2.5 - 3.5/10.
Origin: Coast of Peaceful Ocean

The pearl is a spherical protruding concretion, produced by certain molluscs, which covered a foreign body with mother-of-pearl in successive coats. Her bright appearance can take all colours, white, silver-plated, beige, pinkish.

It admits in the signs of the cancer, of fish, Geminis, the virgin, the Capricorn. It represents 30 wedding years.

For his Purification, leave it some seconds under cold water or use some frankincense, and recharge her d ’ a soft drying or of the sun and lunar light.

That it brings us:

Attenuate anxiety and encourage to take the initiatives. Favour the youth of the body and mind.

The pearl is of animal origin. It is probably to this origin that she owes her ownership to reflect the state of health of the person which carries it. In effect, the pearl being sensitive to acids, to humidity, and to numerous physical or chemical attacks, it loses of certain diseases of its brightness on the attained persons.

Legends and superstitions

In all traditions, the pearl plays an important role. Attached to purity, to sublimation of instincts, it has something celestial, divine.
They allocate her origin in a drop of solidified dew fallen in a shell.
In China, it is a principle Yin in ownership curative special in gynecology. In the Arab world and in indigo, it is an aphrodisiac, guarantee of fecundity. In means age European, it served for treating insanity and melancholia. They make offertories of pearls in elves and to the elves who are basic minds of air when they want to ask them for an important service.

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