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Some practical information:

The hématite (either stone of blood or Oligiste or Iron Spéculaire) is composed of sesquioxyde of iron. His colour am grey black in metallic brightness. Hardness: 5.5-6.5/10.
Origin: England, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Norway.

The origin of its name, stone of blood, comes due to the fact that it colours the water of cooling in red when they sharpen it. The hématite is an oxide of crystallized iron; a polished time, it takes black colour with metallic images (she served in the manufacture of mirrors, where from the origin of the appellation iron spéculaire, the speculum Latin meaning mirror).

His name comes from Greek haimatos which means blood.

It is suitable for the signs of the ram, scorpion and Capricorn. Planet: Saturn.

For his Purification, cross it under cold water some seconds or use some frankincense. And recharge it in the sun or on a mass of quartz.

That it brings us:

Stimulate concentration and consolidate memory. Strengthen will and announce trust. Check for anxiety. It is a very concrete stone because she allows to be listening on his/her own and to disclose what does not go.

Legends and superstitions:

Pline by naming Zachalias of Babylon said about the hématite that she cures the wrong of eyes and the liver, is useful in trials and debates. He adds that it is useful to the combatant to rub it to obtain invulnerability.

In Africa, it was considered to be the blood of the Earth Mother.
Certain prehistoric men coated the body of their deceaseds of powder of hématite; Indian of America and ancient Chineses used it in the same purpose; in Egypt, a kind of pillow in hématite was put under the neck of the mummy: it protected the repose of the deceased.

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