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Some practical information:

It belongs to the microcrystalline group of quartz, family of agates and is composed of dioxide of silicon. Hardness: 6.5-7/10.
Origin: Brazil, India, Madagascar Uruguay.

His colour is owed to the presence of microscopic inclusions of two iron oxides (hématite and limonite), it goes of the pink light to the brown red by way of the red bright red and the orange. The origin of its name comes from the colour of the fruit of the dogwood, colour of the flesh.

For his Purification, cross it some seconds under cold water or use some frankincense, and recharge her with a lot sun or on a mass of quartz.

It is suitable for the signs of the bull, the virgin, the scorpion, the cancer, the lion and the ram. Planets: Venus (rose), march and sun (red)

That it brings us:

It is adapted for the women. Very good for a pregnant woman. Augment energy and tone. It has comforting effects on the hot-tempered and emotional persons. It is useful for concentration. Dispel nightmares His orangy colour encourage to react and make easier emotional relations. It is very useful in period of choice. Bring on one to communicate better and express itself. It is a good amulet for a harmonious material success. The cornelian attracts chance, and even wealth.

Legends and superstitions:

In biblical tradition it is the sixth step of celestial Jerusalem, which represents approval and is linked to the apostle Philippe.
Symbol of happiness and calmness, the cornelian is appraised since Antique. The ancient Egyptians, for whom it gave the protection of the blood of Isis, and Cananéens made amulets. Stone encourages in spirituality.

Mahomet hit, as it is said, in the pinkie personally right a ring set by a cornelian which acted as stamp. At present, the cornelian is considered as very powerful against the poor eye and occupies a big place in the Muslim countries; they often engrave verses of the Koran there.
According to Arab tradition always, stone gives courage in battles while a ring in cornelian assures happiness.

In Spain and in Portugal, where the cornelian forces back malos aeries (poor air or harmful influence), a ring or a necklace set by this stone divert poor fates and break in one thousand pieces at the instant when takes place the jettature. In Portugal, heart of cornelian suspended with the neck by a cordon of velvet been part of most appreciated amulets.

Some people still pretend that she protects bites of animals, the thirst and that in the desert she drives to the well.

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