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Some practical information

Oxide of aluminium of beryllium. Alexandrite is a particular variety of chrysoberyl all technical characteristics of which it has.
Hardness: 8,5/10. Origin: Burma, Brazil, Madagascar, Rhodésie, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tasmania and U.S.A

The origin of its name comes from the tsar Alexander II of Russia, place of its first discovery. This rare stone is very sought-after for its changes of colours according to the type of light (red / purple under light in the wolfram, it is green in the light of day, this feature it has it owes to the traces of chromium and iron). Of this fact it is very costly and sometimes dearer than diamond.

Seldom necessary Purification, from time to time in the sun or on a crystallized mass. Alexandrite entices more the signs of the lion, the scales, the bull and the ram. Planets: Mercury, march (red).

That it brings us

It is the stone of absolute equilibrium between potency and justice, power and humility, force and softness: it weighs acts. It is making more active in job, especially when it is about a stressful job because she tranquilizes nervousness while developing intelligence and creativity. It is ideal for the businessmen and the politicians. She assures success while avoiding falsehoods-steps and excesses to be able.
Charismatic, she allows to make like of her circle, to like it, to protect herself from it and to protect him. The stone carried on the throat or held simply in the palm of the hand, encourages in spirituality and opens the heart and mind.                                        

Legends and superstitions

Tradition links alexandrite to the angel Geburathiel, big chamberlain of the 4th room of the 7th sky, who represents force and divine potency.

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