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Some practical information:

Silicate of sulphur of sodium of calcium and aluminium, traces of pyrites and calcite. Hardness: 5-6/10.
Origin: Afghanistan, Chile, Argentina, Russia.

The lazuli lapis is a rock and its feature comes from its composition of mineral miscellaneouses: the lazurite, main constituent, the sodalite, the hauyne and the noséane, which are the three other feldspathoïdes giving overseas colour in the rock; the calcite, which forms white past; the pyrites, which comes in small bright points.

The lapis lazuli by Afghanistan is the nicest variety. Very pure Lazurite interspersed with inclusions of pyrites (gold veins) and with rare inclusions of white marble (white veins).

The gem was a cosmic symbol of the starry night at the Sassanides de Mésopotamie and in pre-Columbian America. His name comes from Arab "Azul" which means blue and of the latin "lapis" which means stone.

For his Purification cross it under cold water some seconds or use some frankincense. To recharge it in energy, the mass of quartz is sufficient, and especially no salt. The lazuli lapis likes lunar light but does not detest the sun.

It entices more the signs of fish, sagittaire and Aquarius. Planet: Saturn

That it brings us:

This stone is an efficient energy buckler against the psychical attacks.
It encourages to take control of its life. It is the stone of the good mood, shared joy. It is the stone of friendship.

By virtue of its celestial colour, the lazuli lapis dispels the poor eye and protects financier from worries and can also drive to financial success, or even to destiny.
It stimulates intelligence and imagination, delicacy of mind, smartness and creativity.

Legends and superstitions:

The temple of Ea (supreme God of the Chaldean) was entirely covered with lazuli lapis and was reflected in water.
Since the Highest Antique, the lapis is full of jewellery and religious objects. This stone of decorating was very sought-after. For Assyriens and Babyloniens, it represented the stone of Ishtar, ancient name given in Venus. The tombs of the pharaohs of Egypt, when those ci were discovered, contained quantities of symbolic objects, of finery, of scarabs in lapis. The symbolic eye in the worship of the God Ra was a sacred amulet, made in lapis lazuli adorned with gold.
The Romans gives it aphrodisiac powers.
It participated in the mystical creation of overalls used for the painting of the dresses of the virgin Mary. The lapis crushed lazuli gives an intense, superb colour which used Michel angel. Very much costly colour, her irritated the patrons of the arts of this brilliant painter who also saw an amulet there.

In Renaissance and in next centuries, lazuli raised movable and architectural decoration: for instance the palace of Tsarskoie Selo (rechristened in 1937 Pushkin) which introduces panels in lazuli.

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