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Some practical information:

It belongs to the family of feldspars and is composed of double silicate of aluminium and potassium. Hardness: 6-6.5/10
Origin: Australia, Burma, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania
and U.S.A.

It is uncolored with white and bluish images, yellow with white images.
That's why it is called adularia because its colours remind of the clarity of the moon.

For his Purification, leave it some seconds under cold water or use some frankincense, and recharge her on a mass of quartz, with a lot of lunar or solar light.

It is suitable for the signs of the cancer, the Capricorn and Geminis.
Planets: (Uncolored) Moon, Jupiter (yellow)

That it brings us:

Pierre womanhood, speeds up energy yin. Stimulate imagination, bring poem, softness and feelings. Harmonize the biological clock. It creates a climate of harmony in the home. She allows the premonitory dreams. Ideal to compensate for too materialist tendencies, surplus earths up in earth. It is the stone of India, stone of protection, it attracts prosperity.

Legends and superstitions:

The adularia is a variety of adularia, transparent in translucent, in opalescent and pearly images. His colours go of the light brown to the pale yellow, but also of the glaucous, white, uncolored. Galien nicknamed her the foam of moon. It is also called Aphrodite's stone, because it contributes to conjugal happiness. It is a stone in mysterious charms.In India, the adularia was carried by the lovers in growing moon to whet their love and make it exaggerate. The diminishing moon, put under the language, she allowed to the couple to see future. In effect several tales relate peculiar link between the colours of stone and the cycles of the moon.

In diminishing moon, if they carry it, it develops imagination, the inspiration and gives divining or at least allows to light dreams. So, all that is linked to the moon and to the woman will be speeded up by the harbour of this gem. Symbol of childhood and naivety, the adularia protects loving relations and brings the reconciliation of the lovers.

It puts the passengers besides sheltered from any danger. If it is swallow engraved, it spreads peace between the men.

To an Anglo-Saxon tradition, the adularia is particularly powerful when they carry it on Mondays and that they are dressed in white or in white and in silver.


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