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Some practical information:

Hydrated silicate. Hardness: 5,5 – 6,5/10
Origin: Australia, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, the United States

The opal belongs to the group of quartz. His difference domiciles in the absence of system of crystallization; they say that it is a formeless crystal. There are most known three varieties there: the common opal, the opal of fire (of red colour orangy) and the noble opal which is characterized by its opalescent images. They can contain up to 30 % of water, it is therefore necessary to avoid putting it in a too dry place. Baths of water distilled as often as possible because the opal could cross all its life in water so much she likes it. Especially no salt for the Purification.
The bath can be put in lunar light for a recharging gently and in solar light to give him force, brightness and brightness.

It is suitable for the signs of fish, Aquarius, cancer, Geminis, virgin and Capricorn. It represents 21 wedding years.

That it brings us:

Stimulate creativity and originality, act as emotional stabilizer.

Legends and superstitions:

The origin of the opal would come from the Sanskrit word " upala “ meaning "precious stone". Pline represented it as the most precious some stones; the opal alloyed the late living being of the jewel, the glorious purple of the amethyst and the green sailor of emerald to make sparkling of pure light.

Of the time of the Greeks and the Romans, it was extremely appreciated, on one hand as carries happiness, and for its therapeutic virtues in narrow relation with the eye.
It adorned the staffs of the Roman generals which she was being supposed to do assure win in their campaigns. They name even the case of a rich Roman senator, Nonius, who had an opal of the fatness of a hazelnut: rather than to give it up to Mark Antoine eager to give it to Cléopâtre, it preferred banishment.

But beliefs also made of this gem the incarnation of the poor eye. They said that she carried misfortune, superstition which was spread by a book Mr Walter Scott “ Ann of Geierstein ” .L' heroine of this novel carried an opal in hair and that ci had baleful virtues, the superstition was thrown, the opal had become a dangerous stone; his lesson fell to the great displeasure of the jewellers (but which later do not generate to use this rumour to leave its dominance in diamond).
In France, the empress Eugénie trusts the echo of belief: besides the fact that she had been able to be impressed by the adventure of lady Hermione, the spouse of Napoleon III had probably been influenced by a Russian superstition which allocated the poor eye in the opal (the harbour of stone was hardly appreciated and sometimes forbade in the courtyard of the Tsar).
The opal is not a gem of biblical tradition, probably because of its fragility which can explain its reputation of harmful stone also; it adorned the episcopal rings nevertheless.
In the eyes of the Oriental, the opal, linked to hope, damages and puts under divine protection. To a legend concerning the made iridescent opal “ Brahmâ gave him the celestial blue, Vishnu the brightness of the sun and Shiva the flamboyant blood ». IT would be the Muslim Indian soldiers come to fight on the French forehead during the First World war which restored partly the good reputation of the opal.
They still pretend that an opal accepted in present is a precious amulet.
The black opal brings good destiny. For the Anglo-Saxon, the born persons in October will gain advantage of the gem which will bring good luck to him.
To a belief in Medium Age, an opal enveloped in a leaf of laurel made invisible the one who carried it. A Greek tradition wants the ring of Gygès, which brought invisibility, to be set of an opal. At the same time, to drink in a beaker adorned with an opal avoided intoxication.

The opal can not choose you. It is difficult and is not allowed to carry that by that or the one that invite him. That's why to persist in carrying an opal of which they are not the elected representative is source of misfortune. Nothing amazing in it, because the energy of this special gem demands anyway purity of heart and intentions.

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