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Some practical information:

Hardness: 6,5-7/10
The jadéite (or imperial nephrite) belongs to the group of augites and is composed of double silicate of aluminium and sodium. His colour is seldom joined with nuances of white, green, beige, brown red, blackish, sometimes turned purple brown. They find it in Burma, in China, in the Guatemala, in Japan, in Mexico and in U.S.A
Imperial nephrite is an emerald green, translucent jadéite on edges. It is the most appraised variety. It is only in Burma. ATTENTION: it is not rare that the chrysoprase and sometimes the aventurine are sold for some imperial nephrite. Imperial nephrite is rare and dear.

That it brings us:

The nephrite of China is a symbol of calmness in the middle of tempests. Tranquilize the nervous system and canalize passion in a useful manner. Harmonize relations with problems. Toning for the musculature.

This stone augments the radiance of charisma and encourages to become what they are indeed. Protective stone, moves aside the evil of its owner and brings harmony. Being supposed to do attract chance and friendship.

Legends and superstitions:

Term nephrite applies to the jadéite, of white, whitish, greenish, green colour and sometimes pink purple; but also in the nephrite of which colours go of the green yellow to the green black. The gem from which the name would come of Spanish piedra of the ijada.

In China, nephrite is called "Yu", its ritual and magical presence in the empire of middle goes back up in 4000 years before J-C. Very as gold, it is the symbol of Yang, it carries in him solar, imperial and indestructible qualities. Pierre of the five cardinal virtues, he makes holder of the love of next (Jin); of modesty (gi); of courage ((Yu); of justice (ketsu) and wisdom (chi) .Ainsi the emperor could consider nephrite to raise his mind in the highest achievements of the humanity.

Since millenniums, the nephrite served in the manufacture of amulets, axes, of
knifes, tops of arrow, spears etc... And especially religious and ritual objects, gong of requests, cups, without forgetting the imperial stamp which represents the celestial mandate. They burned rooms of nephrite on the altar, they used some stone to call the rain or the sun, or to perform operations of magic and sorcery.
For proof of sacred character of the gem, the sacred mountain of taoïstes (or mountain of the Immortals, is in nephrite).

In Asia the amulets of nephrite protect the home and bring harmony, goodness and tolerance there. Japanese, who make a stone of reconciliation, give it after a dispute in guarantee of found friendship.

In Central America, nephrite represents soul, mind, heart or core of a being; in Mexico, they put a stone of nephrite in the mouth of deaths.
Nephrite is also present in the traditions of the most part of the Mediterranean countries; body searches even put in day nephrite carrying inscriptions Chaldean or adorned with stages inspired by the worship of Mithra.
The Westerners, as for them, link nephrite to uprightness and to benevolence. It drives to tolerance and to calmness, even in the most delicate questions, and soothe down the one who holds it or looks at it.

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