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Some practical information:

The crystal of rock belongs group of quartz.Hardness: 7/10

The crystal of rock belongs group of quartz and is composed of dioxide of silicon. It is uncolored, sometimes with inclusions of gleam, of silicates etc...
His name comes from Greek " krystallos " which means ice.
There are numerous deposits worldwide. The nicest crystals come from Brazil, of Arkansas, Madagascar and Alps.
For his Purification, to leave it some seconds under cold water or to use some frankincense, and to recharge it with a lot sun (especially in the raising sun and attention with effect misses!).
It is suitable for the signs of the lion, of fish, the virgin, the bull, the cancer, Geminis, of the Capricorn and the Aquarius. Planet: Venus. The wedding of crystal of rock celebrates 15 wedding years.

That it brings us:

It is a receiver, a transmitter and a booster where from the association with other stones. High therapeutic virtues, it is recommended to have a crystal of rock companion. Favour concentration and release memory.
It harmonizes emotions. The crystal of rock protects. But it is a mineral that it is necessary to to cope. In effect benefit from his beneficial effects, it is necessary to be in harmony with him, deserve it.
Crystal of rock, mass of China, puts together delicate crystals of a big transparence, with inclusions of carbon. In spite of their small size, they have ownership to clean the places where they are.

Legends and superstitions:

Called by the Greeks Krytallos (clear ice), the crystal of rock was taken to the eyes of ancient for the ice (or some snow) frozen to the point where she could not melt any more.

They pretended that the Gods did not resist to requests of the one who came in their temple by holding a clear crystal in the hand.
The Egyptians put on the forehead of deaths a “ third crystal eye ” which was being supposed to do help soul to find its way on the road of beyond.
The crystal, which is emblem of purity “ Mary is a crystal; his son, celestial light; so it crosses it completely without breaking it however ” (Angelus Silesius XVIIe century) is characterized by its clarity. That's why it is in boundaries of the invisible and visible world (they use some crystal to show fairies) and that it is the support best adapted for prophesying.
In the océano-Australian shamanism, and even North American, which makes some crystal of rock of stones of light detached from the celestial throne, this mineral is also part of instruments of divining of the shaman. Quartz crystals are used by the shaman Dayak of Bornéo to discover the soul of the sick man and by the mélanésien faith healer who receives the individual there. The Aztecs lent him power to read future and to protect snakes; the Mayan priests also used it for operations of prophesying.
A Mexican tradition wants souls to live in crystal.
A ring of crystal, carried preferably in the little finger of the right hand, has power to provoke strong feelings at the individuals of a big inflexibility of heart and to revive the flame of love put out by sadness or disappointment.
Arab tradition grants him a big power against dread and nocturnal demons. In Europe, they sometimes say that crystal puts sheltered from sorcery.
In oriental India, the crystal of rock puts sheltered from the thieves, wild animals and it serves antidote in poisons. In Australia, it attracts the rain.
To break some crystal incidentally is of very good omen.
To a tradition, the crystal, dedicated to Diana, lunar goddess, is in touch with silver: he must be preferred setting in this metal.

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