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Les Mines de Gaia - Jewels Minerals


Some practical information:

It belongs to the microcrystalline group of quartz and agates (as the cornelian, the onyx, the chrysoprase and the sardoine) and is composed of dioxide of silicon. Hardness: 6.5-7/10. Origin: Brazil, India, Madagascar, Uruguay.

Chalcedony indicates only the variety of glaucous colour. The origin of its name comes from an ancient city of KalKhedon in Bythinie, known for its deposits of copper (calchos in Greek) located in front of Byzance.

For his Purification, leave it some seconds under cold water or use some frankincense, and recharge her in the sun or on a mass of quartz.

It is well suitable for the signs of the sagittaire, of Geminis, the Capricorn and the cancer. Planet: Saturn.

That it brings us:

Stimulate the capacity to learn new languages and ameliorate memory
Is well suitable for timid, reserved constitution (to help them to verbalize their emotions); efficient to control the fits of anger and aggressivity.
Chalcedony institutes stability and allows to put into perspective squalid situations, by avoiding too strong deliveries being discussed. It absorbs negative energy then dispels it to prevent its broadcast. Chalcedony harmonizes the mental, the body, emotions and mind. Installing feelings of benevolence and generosity, it moves aside hostility and transforms melancholia into joy. It develops intuition and creativity. Chalcedony she am linked to right, puts sheltered from trials, strifes and assures the good sequence of juridical procedures or delicate matters.
Renowned guarantee the freshness of soul, she dispels ghosts, phantasms and, to a belief of the XVIIth century, bewitching.

Legends and superstitions:

In the apocalypse of saint Jean, it represents the third step of celestial Jerusalem and represents commiseration.

This stone, crystallized translucent silica, served for making numerous jewellery good-luck charm under Antique. His magical virtues are always acknowledged in East and in the Mediterranean basin; Indian of New Mexico makes fetishes.

To an Arab belief, which has it one has to fear nothing of thieves.
Chalcedony also allows to make the most distant trips without any risk.
When it is set in a ring carried in the annular of the left hand, chalcedony gives a big vigour. Suspended with the neck, it brings a good sleep. In the past, chalices were sharpened in chalcedony and dressed in silver, to prevent intoxication.

Chalcedony white, they said it born in the dew. Small chalcedonies that they pick up in the streams of the vicinity of Sassenage (near Grenoble) would come from tears poured by the sisters of a naiad followed and enticed by Hercules.
For the Tibetan Buddhists, chalcedony is quoted Yin of the mind of Buddha, for the Christians she represent the virgin Mary and .en India it is the soul of the sage.

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