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Les Mines de Gaia - Jewels Minerals


Some practical information:

It belongs to the group of quartzites and is composed of dioxide of silicon
Hardness: 7/10. Origin: Brazil, India, Russia.

His colour goes of the light green (natural green agate containing pieces of fuchiste which is some mica chromifère) in scintillating gold brown (with crystals of hématite or goethite).

For his Purification, cross it some seconds under cold water or use some frankincense, and recharge her on a mass of quartz or the sun.

It is well suitable for the signs of the cancer, bull and (green) scales and the ram and bull (dark-haired woman). Planets: Mercury (green), Saturn (brown)

That it brings us:

Balance yin and yang. Glued together on a mobile phone, it protects its programs. It protects those who leave to adventure. It is efficient against energy vampirism. This stone develops generosity, fidelity and encourages to go out on his/her own. It is the stone of the free - referee, of freedom to think. It puts order in confusions of emotional nature. It is a stone which helps to make the good choices when they are confronted to several alternatives. It tranquilizes excesses owed to a too big activity, to the agitation of cities.

They can also form a network of protection against stress géopathique autours of the gardens or of houses.
It helps us to understand nature better, to communicate better with the big areas, drills, the oceans... She allows to impregnate profoundly advantageous and ecstatic vibrations of the campaign.

Legends and superstitions:

The aventurine recalls the things which have to arrive and unforeseen events, chance. They not tell " say good adventure ". Chance, the unexpected, for those who want to change their life. It is a balsam for the suffering persons, she announces: the best be, hope...

It also attracts wealth: that's why the gold-diggers made their favourite amulet. They say although it brings good luck, notably to the players.

To certain tribes of High Egypt, the aventurine is, as the amethyst, a stone of rain, which the wizard uses in case of dryness.

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