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Some practical information:

It is of the family of feldspars and is composed of aluminosilicate of sodium and calcium.
Hardness: 6-6.5/10
Origin: Australia, Canada, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, U.S.A.

The origin of its name comes from Labrador (Canada), site of the first discovery in 1770. His colours vary the grey more or less made darker with multicoloured iridescence often dominated by the blue. Among samples taken from the soil of march, the researchers of the NASA have identify of the labradorite.
It is also present in certain architectural leaders of writings, as Lenin's Mausoleum, built in Moscow in 1930 and cathedral of Christ Saviour, in the same city.

For his Purification, let it some seconds under the cold water either use some frankincense, and her recharge in the lively sun (especially in the morning), or on a mass of quartz. Seldom necessary Purification for big stones and according to needs for the babies. It is well suitable for the signs of the sagittaire, for the cancer, for the fish, for the Geminis and for the Capricorn.
Planets: (Uncolored) Venus, Saturn (taupe and black), Mercury (blue and green).That it brings us:

It is a stone that should hit all who are in charge of others, because it avoids absorbing their problems. It develops skill and feelings of hands. It is useful to the physical therapist and trainers. Lighten stress. Pierre highly mystical and protective, because she acts as a kind of buckler doubled by a sponge: it absorbs negative energies, wrong and troubles of other people, dissolves them and protects her user.
It rests during big physical and intellectual tiredness, even at the edge of exhaustion because its regenerative potency is big.
His radiance towards the outside is charmer. It amplifies donation to please the others: it is the stone which creates best regards. It is particularly recommended to the solitary persons.

The labradorite corresponds to us, represents us, accompanies us. She can therefore treat on the negative quoting of our personality who immerse us and saturate us.

Legends and superstitions:

For Amérindiens, the internal light of the labradorite is the image of celestial colours. To this title it comes above the world and is bedecked with protection and divine secrets.

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