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Some useful info:

Coral is a precious organic substance and is composed of calcium carbonate with magnesium.Dureté: 3-4/10 Origin: Malaysia Archipelago, Gulf of Biscay, Canary Islands, Japan, Mediterranean, Red Sea, northern Australia.

Its color ranges from red to white through pink, brown to black, through shades of purple. Coral gets its name from the Latin "corallium" himself after the Greek "Korallion" which means son of the sea coral is produced by small marine animals, which is the external skeleton, it is called "tree waters. Its peculiarity is that it merges the three kingdoms: mineral, animal and vegetable. It has long been regarded as a stone and it was not until the seventeenth century to discover through Peyssonnel, it was actually a marine organism.

What we bring:

 Bring energy and support. Useful against black magic or the evil eye (in part or wearable). It helps to overcome emotional conflicts, states of panic, feelings of fear, to protect himself from his fears.

Legends and superstitions:

According to Greek legend, he was born of Medusa's blood (which was the property of those who dared to petrify him look), one of the Gorgons, whose head was severed by Perseus who Snakes composed his hair and his blood turned into coral, which would give the property to act effectively against the venom and viper bites or scorpion. Another tradition is a rotten seaweed and hardened air who gave birth (originally white, he would blush under the sun and the kiss of love nymphs).. In ancient times, was called the coral "daughter of the sea". The former gave him the power protect the evil eye and to stop the bleeding.

 It is a stone sacred to Tibetan Buddhism and the Sino-Japanese, it is one of seven jewels, in addition to the diamond represents the same kind of Buddha, gold, jade, rock crystal, lapis lazuli, pearl, coral and agate. The reputation of coral amulet dating back to the oldest temples. The coral accumulated on the seabed of many energies and mainly solar radiation and terrestrial magnetism to the Canaanites, the coral beads were lucky. The Romans did bring the children to put away the evil spirits, sorcery and all hazards. Form of labor, horn or even simple branch coral is for the Arabs and Italians, a powerful talisman against the evil eye. The King of Naples, Ferdinand 1 (1751-1825), brandishing, to any person suspected to be a caster, the piece of coral at him carefully preserved. A Gallic belief, he ensures victory in battle and makes the poison ineffective. In the Middle Ages, it was supposed to protect panics. He always gives one great power against the nightmares. As the coral gives off the air in a haze, we believed it prevented the formation of thunderstorms. So we believed capable of protecting from lightning, hail storms or typhoons. To balance the elements, a Greek tradition recommends that sailors to hang on the mast of a ship with a sealskin on protecting coral also from harm those who travel on water. It removes vermin, rats, ants and caterpillars. In India, red coral dark promises prosperity to its owner.


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