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Les Mines de Gaia - Jewels Minerals


Some practical information:

Silicate of beryllium and of aluminuim, iron traces give him his blue colour.
Hardness: 7,5-8
Origin: Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, Siberia, Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka.

From the family of beryls, the aigue marinades, the name of which means "seawater" is characterized by its transparence green blue (silicate of aluminium and beryllium).
A variety of emerald while containing traces of lithium, fluorine and calcium which change his colour.For his Purification, cross it some seconds under cold water or use some frankincense and recharge her on a mass of quartz or the sun.
It entices more the signs of the scorpion, fish, ram, bull, Geminis, scales and Aquarius
Planets: Saturn (supported blue), Mercury (green)

What it nouq brings:

His comforting energies diminish stress. Make easier communication between individuals, speech, singing, expression of the truth. Soft, peaceful and lasting vibrations, it is only cordiality.

Legends and superstitions:

The marine aigue gives impression to have a sample of ocean in the hand.

The Greeks and the Romans, from IIIth century before J-C, used it to engrave motives there representing the sea. Because the marine aigue was being supposed to do bring protection to the sailors in the course of their trips. But it had other virtues, notably those to reinforce psychical faculties, wish to teach. It preserved youth and gave the joy in whom carried it.

In celestial Jerusalem, her occupies the eighth step representing tolerance. Aigue-navy is linked to saint Thomas. It is also the stone of the clairvoyants, of shamans, of faith healers and mystics.

In Medium Age, they used the marine aigue for the wrong of teeth (a piece raw or polished)

Certain traditions pretend that they can see his guardian angel through a marine aigue orientated northward.

Symbol of innocence, purity and fidelity, aigue-navy protects the lovers and attracts love, that's why this amulet brings a happy marriage and represents the ideal present to make the day of its wedding to a bride where in his birthday.

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