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Some practical information:

It belongs to the group of quartz and is composed of dioxide of silicon.
Hardness: 7/10
Origin: Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Uruguay, the United States, Uruguay, Australia.

His colour goes of the full-bodied lilac to intense purple or to dark blue, according to the concentration of manganese and iron contained in stone.
His name is at the origin of this ownership, exit of Greek " Ametusios " which means " which is not intoxicated "
For its Purification, it is enough to use some spring water or the vittel (it is the least mineralizing) salt, in darkness or with a rinse, a drying, a bit of sun (because its colour passes to the sun) or a mass of quartz. Recharging during the new moon.
This stone entices more the natives of the virgin, the sagittaire, of fish, the Aquarius, the Capricorn and the ram.
Planet: Saturn
Wedding of amethyst: 48 wedding years

That it brings us:

This stone augments our intuition and helps to remember our dreams
If you have an unpleasant person in your circle, the amethyst will act in protector by neutralizing the negative energy of this person towards you.
Stone gives courage, reinforces memory and stimulates intelligence.
Renowned assure win the warlike which carries it, it is especially recommended to the men of initiative, to the lovers and to the sportsmen.

A geode of amethyst put in a room, by its very powerful radiance, cleans the atmosphere, brings relaxation and peace because it balances the energy which circulates in our places of life and to clean the mineral. In a bedroom it contributes to a calm and deep sleep, slackens the muscles of shoulders and nape. They can also put some amethysts in his pillow to eliminate nightmares and clarify dreams. Water, creams of beauty which stay in a geode of amethyst "improve" and become more efficient.

Legends and superstitions:

Where from comes his name? Of a disappointment loving Bacchus...
Amethyst, according to Ovide, was a nymph followed by the ardour of Bacchus. Wanting to avoid him, she invoked Diana. The goddess came to his assistance by transforming it stone bright, in pure and cold crystal. Bacchus, angry, threw his cup filled with wine on this stone which took the shade which we know him under the influence of the pigments of wine.
It is a purple, translucent or dark stone. It has crimson images and it is probably for this reason that they nickname it " the stone of the bishops " .Ils carries it in ring to keep them mystical drunkenness.
In the Revelation of saint Jean, it represents the twelfth step of celestial Jerusalem and represents fusion with divine.
At the Celts, it represents the stone of the druid and in India it is the stone of Brahman.

It is linked to Gad, one of the threads of the twelve tribes of Israel, but also to apostles Judas and Matthias and estimated by holy Valentin. It is one of twelve stones of pectoral muscle carried by the big priest. It also adorns the pontifical rings and the crowns of the christian kings. If a christian tradition sees a symbol of humility there, the buddhist monks of Himalayas adopted the rosaries of amethyst as emblem of the elevation of mind.

According to Pline an amethyst carried around the neck with a feather of peacock and a feather of swallow, moved away the poor eye. It also signals that an amethyst carrying faces engraved by the moon and by the sun, immunizes against poisons. It is linked up with the blade XIV of the tarot representing equilibrium and soberness.

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