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Les Mines de Gaia - Jewels Minerals


Some practical information:

Hardness: 2-2.5/10
Origin: Burma, in Canada, of the quoting of the Baltic Sea (Oriental Prussia, Poland, Lithuania), Dominican Republic (rather rare bluish amber!), Romania, Sicily.

The amber (succinite) is not a crystal of organic origin, it comes from some fossil resin of conifers (50 million years). The function of this resin was in origin the healing of the wounds of the plant. The amber kept this bactericidal and healing function. Moreover it contains from 3 to succinique 8 % of acid, an anti-oxidizer which would postpone cell ageing. The origin of the name comes from Arab “ al ambar ” and in Greek he claims to be " Elektron “. It does not have system of crystallization, its colours go of green brown to the gold yellow but she can be of another shade. As the amber is not crystallized, a Purification is not necessary. Only a soft drying with a chamoisée skin.

The amber entices more the signs of the lion, the virgin, of Geminis, in the cancer and in the Aquarius.
Planets: Jupiter (yellow), march (red), Moon (milk white), (greenish) Mercury, (blue-black) Saturn
The wedding of amber celebrates 34 wedding years!
In rays extremist purples, he is fluorescent of white with greenish blue.

Attention in simulations! (plastic, synthetic resins, well-blended dusts of amber).    

That it brings us:

It makes easier stages of transitions. The amber generates a good to be physical and psychical, it institutes peace. Furthermore it reinforces the protection of the physical body. It is a solar stone which warms up the whole energy system and acts in purificatory and faith healer.

Legends and superstitions:

 The amber, in Greek "electron", gave the name of electricity because, after rubbing, it attracts the light bodies to her. Favours in his magnetic ownership, discovered towards 600 before our epoch by Thalès, rosaries, the amulets of amber are as capacitors of current. By taking responsibility themselves, relieve of the own excesses those who carry them or shell them. That's why one attribute in the amber power to absorb the bad mood or the tension of the person which carries it and to bring as a result calmness and calmness. The Tibetan monks use rosaries in amber to ameliorate their concentration.

The Merovingian goldsmiths alloyed the amber with the garnet which allowed an equilibrium between enthusiasm, energy and méditante wisdom.

It becomes of colour more dark to inform of a danger and moves away the adders. The amber is renowned protect negative influence and poor eye, notably in the Muslim countries. They also say that the shah de Persian detained a piece of amber that they believed fall of the sky at the time of the Clairvoyant. It carried the jewel in saltire, certain to be so protected from wounds.

The ancient burned with the amber not only to honour their Gods but also to move away epidemics. The Greek doctors of the first centuries used it to drain wounds. In Rome as in Gaul, the necklace of amber protected, said they, of the goiter, of infections of tonsils, other diseases of the throat and comes back into the composition of certain eyewashes. The necklace of amber, which also made easier the dental breakthrough of the children and put them sheltered from convulsions, has played a big role in popular medicine for a long time. Some people explained this ownership due to the fact that the amber by its rubbing with the skin takes responsibility for electricity, it génèrerait a circuit which would preserve diseases of the region of the neck.


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