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Les Mines de Gaia - Minerals jewelry, emerald


Some practical information:

It belongs to the group of beryls and is composed of silicate of aluminium and beryllium. Hardness 7.5-8/10.
Origin: Southern Africa, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, India, Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Tanzania, U.S.A, Zambia

His colour varies of the green yellow to the bluish green by way of a green supported franc, the most clear in the most dark.
His name comes from Greek " smaragdos " which means green stone.
No salt, of the sun. Purifications are not very frequent because emerald absorbs not enough negative energies.
It is suitable for the signs of the bull, the cancer, the Capricorn and the scales.
Planets: Mercury
The wedding of emerald celebrates 40 wedding years.

That it brings us:

It is a very powerful stone. Pierre of equilibrium, it is the stone of yin. Consolidate unit, unconditional love and partnership, favour friendship.
It relieves the troubles of heart. With an effect tranquilizing on emotions. Confer the force of character to overcome its difficulties. It is the stone of prosperity that is productive incorruptible.

Legends and superstitions:

According to the ancient legend, the archangel Lucifer carried one emerald on the forehead. But it admired its beauty so much that it believed be able of existing without the God who had created it. That's how it was cut off from its original source and this drew away a conflict with the archangel saint Michel who tore from him off the emerald of the forehead and fell in the sea. Later sailors found this nice jewel, which they carved to make a cup in hundred and forty four facets, the saint Graal. Then, it was given to the queen of Saba by Salomon, then it belonged to Nicomède and later this legend says that it was of use for the last meal of Christ, the Last Supper and that Joseph d' Arimathie gathered the blood of Christ during the crucifixion there. Finally the saint Graal was taken by the same Joseph in England.
It became the search of the knights of the round table
This tale illustrates all duality of the gem in Medium Old. It was linked in effect to Lucifer and to the hellish living beings; in the treasure of the cathedral of Munich represent besides a statue of saint George striking down a dragon of emerald. At the same time, stone was known to force back the demons, poor minds and the bewitching, and even issue one had. Emerald was a bit considered everywhere as the most powerful of amulets. Exit of Hell, her can turn round against the hellish living beings, secrets of which she knows.

Emerald is linked to Juda, one of twelve sons of Israel, but she remains the stone of the apostle Jean and in the angelic hierarchy of the Princes, she is the stone of the angel Muriel. (in the order of Dominations)
It also the fourth step of celestial Jerusalem, representing sincerity and is the stone of the pope.

It is the stone of secret knowledge with the eyes of the alchemists. The one who carries the name of “ May dew ” is the stone of Hermès Trismégiste, messenger of the Gods and creator of all sciences, who sum up stone philosophale or hermetic art, were, say tradition, engraved on a table of emerald, discovered by Alexander le Grand (or by Sara, wife of Abraham), near a mummy of the Egyptian God Thot, near Hébron.

To ancient Hebrews, the big priest concerned his chest of emeralds blessed.
Put under the language, she allowed to the clairvoyants to issue their oracles and to the fortune-tellers to call poor minds to consult them. The wizards of Africa also use it to communicate with beyond.

When it is engraved of a frog, emerald conciliates the enemies and brings closer to the friends who quarrelled. It is necessary to know as that, carried by a man, emerald reveals exuberance but fickleness while carried by a woman, it represents ambition, change and pleasures of love.
The gem, dedicated to Venus, attracts and protects love affairs; it would have in addition to aphrodisiac ownership. But stone watches nevertheless over chastity, it tarnishes when his possessor devotes himself to the games of Love and breaks when the girl who carries it loses her virginity. They also say that one emerald takes a pallid brown shade if the beloved which gave it is faithless. It changes colour to tell of a treason or a deceiving.
For the Anglo-Saxon, a spouse who accepts one emerald in May is assured to be liked and happy.

You should not carry one emerald on Mondays because she would lose her powers and become harmful for the rest of the week.
The emerald, which to a Russian belief puts in the shelter the sailors of tempests and danger of the sea.

Some people pretend that the ring of Gygès, bringing invisibility, was set of one emerald.

The emperor Néron looked at gladiatorial combats through one emerald, in belief that his view was whet there.

In India, adders and cobras which see from it to one are so terrorized as the eyes go out of the head while in the Arab countries the gem bursts the eyes of the adders and recovers from their bites. In Europe, it blinds toads.

There are baleful emeralds, as those that was given to the virgin d' Atocha in Madrid: this statue carries one emerald of a huge value which belonged to several notable persons, who all, died in a more or less mysterious manner; between others, Elizabeth (Sissi), empress of Austria, which was slaughtered by Luccheni. Stone came to a Spanish princess who died shortly after and the queen of Spain carried stone solemnly to the most famous Madonna of his country; although stone is in a public place, nobody would be attracted of flight because his value would be very badly paid since the life of the thief would be in danger.
But they carried happiness to other famous persons because emerald been appreciated by Cléopâtre and loved by Catherine II.

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