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  This agreement contains the Conditions of Use & Sale that apply to orders for products which you (the "Customer") purchase from the TDT LA MORGANITE company. These conditions prevail over the general conditions of purchase of the buyer. By accepting delivery of the products described on the invoice, the Customer agrees to be bound by and accepts these Conditions of Use & Sale. No particular condition can prevail over these Conditions of Use & Sale, except formal and written acceptance of the TDT LA MORGANITE company.


Modification to Conditions of Use & Sale


The TDT LA MORGANITE company reserves the right to update or modify these Conditions of Use & Sale and, any additional conditions, codes of conduct or guidelines, without prior notice. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these Conditions of Use & Sale and your continued use of the website constitutes your agreement as to all such updated or modified terms.






To place an order, the customer should fill in an online form where he will give the informations necessary for his identification (his/her name, first name, mailing address, number of telephone and e-mail).

 Having chosen the presented products, the customer will confirm definitively his order in view of a summary posted in the screen, "by clicking" to show his commitment and his acceptance of the Conditions of Use & Sale. From this moment the order is registered and irrevocable of his part.


  Then the TDT LA MORGANITE company by means of an e-mail will confirm to the customer his order.

No cancellation of order will be accepted without the preliminary agreement of the TDT LA MORGANITE company.


  Photos and descriptions of products are given only as a rough guide, as well as prices, because they can evolve at any time and even typographic or technical error would not be motives to complaints on behalf of the customer or would not engage  the responsibility of the TDT LA MORGANITE company.


We  advise our customers who order on the website to register or to print a copy of the order form until reception of the order confirmation email sent to the customer by the TDT LA MORGANITE company.







  The selling prices of products are expressed in Euros, taxes included (€ / TTC).

The prices of products can evolve at any time. The selling price retained for the purchase of a product corresponds to that observed online at the time of the order registering on the website (typographic errors excepted).


 The shipping and insurance costs are chargeable to the customer and are charged in supplement of the selling price of products.


  The customer will always be informed before the definitive order registering of the shipping and insurance charges relative to the order, and the payment will be asked to the customer for the total amount of the purchase, integrating the prices for products ordered plus the shipping and insurance charges. So, the order’s confirmation of payment by the customer implies that the customer agrees to pay the shipping and insurance charges. Therefore the shipping and insurance charges can not constitute a valid motive for questioning the order after its definitive registering.


  Any Customer not residing in France is considered as an importer. Toll, local taxes or any other extra fees are therefore not included in the ordering price. We suggest that before ordering items from the TDT LA MORGANITE company, foreign customers should make enquiries about any payments or declarations that they are required to make.







 Products purchased on the website can be delivered in Metropolitan France, in the countries of the European Union (plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and

Liechstenstein), in the United States, in Canada and in Japan. For other destination, please contact us by email.


  Delivery are made at the address specified by the customer at the time of the purchase. It will be made by The Post Office or by a carrier once the order is confirmed by the customer and the payment made in the completeness. In case the payment transaction is refused by banking centres, the order will be automatically cancelled. The TDT LA MORGANITE company reserves the right to make global or partial deliveries.


  Any complaint concerning the delivery should be made in conditions fixed by the article 105 of the French Business Code. No appeal will be able to be exercised against the salesman, the forwarder or the carrier for loss, averages or damages undergone by goods if a report is not sent to the carrier or to the forwarder for a maximum period of three days, holidays not included, and notified formally to the salesman for the same delay.


 Delivery will be considered as realized from the date of the first presentation of the goods at the address of delivery indicated by the customer during his order. The delivery of the goods will be made against a signature of the customer.

  In case the customer is not home during the delivery, a calling card will be deposited in his/her mailbox inviting him/her to retrieve his/her parcel at the Post office or at the carrier.


 The customer has for obligation to verify the correspondence of the goods delivered at the time of the delivery, before signing the delivery order.


  Any abnormality concerning delivery (average, missing product with regard to the delivery order, damaged parcel, products broken) should be indicated necessarily on the delivery order under shape of "handwritten reserves", accompanied with the signature of the customer. The customer should at the same time confirm this abnormality by sending to the carrier in the next two ( 2 ) working days following the delivery date, a registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt or by electronic mail within 24 hours following delivery and return immediately the products to :


                                                             LA MORGANITE
                                                                                 64 rue de Longchamp
                                                                                 75116 PARIS




 The customer should send a copy of this mail by fax or by simple letter to the TDT LA MORGANITE company.

The coordinates of the carrier will appear on the delivery order.

If the ordered article is available in stock, the delivery delay is of 2 working days for any order submitted before 1.00 p Paris time for delivery to France. For international shipping, the delay is 3 to 10 days. In case of shortage of stock the delay of resupplying can be of two to three weeks.


Delivery periods will begin only from the date of payment of the order.


 In case of Force majeure or of exceptional events (natural disaster, epidemic, strikes, etc. …) delaying or forbidding the delivery of goods, the TDT LA MORGANITE company is loosened of any responsibility.


 In case of unavailability on behalf of the TDT LA MORGANITE company to deliver for the indicated delays, it will be proposed to the customer a product of replacement for an equivalent price or a refund, purely and simply.





  For any return of the goods, the customer should notify the TDT LA MORGANITE company, the same day of the delivery or at the latest the first working day following delivery, about his/her complaints (error of delivery or not correspondence of products in kind or in quality with regard to indications appearing on the delivery order. Any complaint notified after this delay will be rejected.

The customer should make his complaints by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. Expenses and risks of the returns are always chargeable to the buyer.

  Goods should be returned in their original packing and should not have been modified. For any resumption by the TDT LA MORGANITE company, the buyer will obtain a check of purchase after qualitative and quantitative check of the returned products.


  In case of visible vice or of not correspondence of the delivered products, duly noticed by the TDT LA MORGANITE company, the buyer will be able to obtain its free replacement or a refund in the choice of the TDT LA MORGANITE company. In case the return is not justified for reasons resulting from facts of the TDT LA MORGANITE company, the goods are refunded at the rate of 80 % of their invoice value to cover the administrative and handling charges.


 Any complaint not made in the defined rules and in the granted delays  will not be taken into account and will loosen the TDT LA MORGANITE company of any responsibility towards the customer.






  According to article 121-16 of the French Consumption Code, you have a delay of 7 working days, from the delivery date of your order, to exploit your right for withdrawal.


  However, only products returned in perfect state and in their original packing will be refunded (the shipping and return costs are chargeable to the customer).


  In order to allow the TDT LA MORGANITE company to process your exchange or refund request, you have to inform the customer service of the TDT LA MORGANITE company about your intention to return one or several goods in order to obtain a return number as well as a procedure.


  The return shipping has to be insured to the value of the invoicing, in the case of a shipping without insurance the TDT LA MORGANITE company will not be responsible for losses or damages caused during the shipping.






  Goods delivered by the TDT LA MORGANITE are guaranteed by his supplier or the manufacturer. In conformance with this guarantee, the only obligation falling to the TDT LA MORGANITE company is replacement or repair of the defective product recognized by its services. Defects and deteriorations caused by the loss, the theft, the voluntary or accidental deterioration, the normal wear or the consequences of an abnormal use, the loss of stones or pearls and the other sets of table linen, the abnormal  use or modifications of the product, not foreseen or specified by the TDT LA MORGANITE company, are excluded from the guarantee. Repair for free of one jewel or of a precious object sold on the website is possible only if the stone, the pearl or ornament is present and especially intact. In every case the expenses of return in our services are chargeable to the customer as well as the expenses of the reshipment. The guarantee will not apply for the visible vices of which the buyer should take advantage in conditions defined above. Exchange, repair or modification of a product during the period of guarantee can not have the effect of prolonging this period. The guarantee will not apply when a repair or some intervention of a person outside the salesman will have been noticed.






  The TDT LA MORGANITE company remains the owner of the goods until their complete payment by the customer. The transfer of property of products to the customer is made at the time of the complete payment of the price. However during the period going from the delivery in the transfer of property, the risks of losses, thefts or destructions are chargeable to the customer.


  Non-fulfillment by the customer of the obligations for payment, whatever cause it is, confers on the TDT LA MORGANITE company the right to require the immediate restoration of goods delivered to expenses and risks of the customer (any possible reconditionning of goods will be chargeable to the customer).






Charged quantities are those that were really delivered. Invoicings contain the VAT to the rate fixed by current fiscal regulations at the time of the invoicing. Invoices for the export are established in duty-free. Products intended for the export and delivered in France, will be charged in suspension of VAT only after reception by the salesman of the necessary documents delivered with tax authorities and supplied by the buyer.





For any purchases made on the website LAMORGANITE.COM, the customer has to pay the order cash. It is the condition for the expedition. In the case of a banking payment refusal and/or frauds, the TDT LA MORGANITE company reserves the right to suspend any order processing and any delivery and to pursue one or several authors.

In order to avoid any contesting about the sums paid by the customer, the TDT LA MORGANITE company sends to the customer a confirmation of the registering of its order.

You have a means of payment offering a maximum of guarantees of security.




You can check out:


By credit card (Visa Card and Eurocard / Mastercard). For credit cards, you should indicate the number of your card, as well as its date of validity (transmission secured with SSL encoding and guaranteed by the SP PLUS  system of our bank “LA CAISSE D’EPARGNE” recognized for its reliability in online payment).  




/!\ Your CB purchases are guaranteed by :




Paypal paiement   (Visa Card and Mastercard, Paypal account). For credit cards, you should indicate the number of your card, as well as its date of validity (transmission secured with SSL encoding and guaranteed by Paypal, from the group Ebay, recognized for its reliability in online payment. For Paypal account owners, simply enter your Paypal login and password.











  The website presents products to be sold with the necessary characteristics which allow to respect the article L 111-1 of the Consumption’s Code, which foresees the possibility for the potential buyer to have the essential characteristics of the products which he wishes to buy before the definitive order registering.


 The documents which are associated to the present products on the site (descriptions, technical index cards, photos, etc. …) are given as a rough guide and do not engage the TDT LA MORGANITE company as for the respect for the reality of the product, and can not question the validity of a order or a sale. The TDT LA MORGANITE company can on no account have to compensate or to cancel an order further to the impossibility to use the product bought for a reason of incompatibility with one or several constituents of the product.


 Products and prices presented on the site are valid only within the limits of available stocks and give place to any compensation in case of break or of cancellation.






  The TDT LA MORGANITE company is worried about the protection of the private life of the customer ordering on its website and handles information concerning the customer with the strictest confidentiality. During a purchase made by the customer, only indispensable information (name, first name, address, e-mail, etc. …) are required for a qualitative treatment and an attentive follow-up of the command. These online seized data are registered on a secure server and are encoded.


 According to the capacities of the C.N.I.L. The customer has a right of access, modification, rectification and abolition of data concerning him (article 34 of the law " Data processing and Liberties " of January 6, 1978).





  The present Conditions of Use & Sale are governed under French law. All disputes related to the present Conditions of Use & Sale, and resulting from the execution of an order will be submitted to the exclusive competence of the Business Courts of Paris.





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